Below are the primary issues that I will focus on if elected in addition to all of the other items presented at the Board of Aldermen meetings.

Responsible & Transparent Spending

The spending of our tax dollars in Nashua is getting out of control. I will advocate for controlled, responsible and transparent spending.

Spending should be applied to necessary services and not pet projects.

Responsible & transparent spending should lead to more reasonable property taxes.

property taxes

Our property taxes continue to rise much faster than the inflation rate. The average annual property tax increase has been 2.9% – 6.5% per year. Whether your own a home or rent here in Nashua, the continuous increase in property taxes is making it more and more expensive to live here.

If the property taxes continue to rise, people will move out of Nashua for more property tax friendly places. 

Development & growth for all of Nashua

I believe we need to focus on providing a business friendly environment for all of Nashua so businesses can thrive and more people can start & own businesses.

Small businesses are the life blood of so many communities and Nashua is no exception. I will advocate for small businesses and to ensure Nashua is as small business friendly as possible. 

Don’t mix police and politics in Nashua

Why try to ‘fix’ something that isn’t broken?

The current police charter does what is was intended to do, keep Nashua police and politics separate.

When you go to vote on November 2nd, 2021, there will be a police charter question on your ballot, make  sure to

Vote NO!

About Don

A little background….

I was born in New York City, raised in Connecticut and I moved to Nashua in 2003 where I currently live with my wife, two children and our two dogs.

I have many years of experience in the information technology field solving customer problems through the use of software and technology. I currently work for a fast growing software company helping customers enable their end users to be more successful using our software. Additionally, I have an extensive background and work experience in the field of manufacturing.

I have a long history of volunteering including coaching kids sports teams, Knights of Columbus, Americares, Habitat for Humanity, Cub Scouts, Good Friend, AOH Coat & Food Drives and I also spent two weeks in Mississippi helping families rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

I have a BBA in Management Information Systems from Western Connecticut State University. After graduating college, I taught night courses in computer, networking and technology at the college level before I returned to school to pursue my MBA at the University of Connecticut.

I am running for Alderman-at-Large because I believe that we need more checks & balances at the city level and I want to represent the people of Nashua at City Hall. 

I am asking for your support, please get out and vote on November 2nd, 2021

See you at the polls on November 2nd, 2021!

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Ward 9: New Searles Elementary School @ 39 Shady Lane

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